Time series Hub

tshub is the collaboration, analytics, and storage solution purpose build for the business, financial, and economic time series.

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Advanced Visualization

Make beautiful graphs ready for publishing or sharing.


Manipulate time series on the fly for fast data exploration. Whether you are an Excel power user or advanced quantitative researcher, you will cut down the time it takes to understand the data.


Whether using Excel or Python/R, sometimes the simplest analytics, like descriptive stats, cross/auto-correlation, or linear regression, take longer than they should.

tshub makes such analytics fast and easy; No need for expensive statistical software or learning Python/R; anyone in your organization can analyze data from the web browser.


Numbers donโ€™t capture the entire story. Preserve important qualitative information by annotating the individual observations, time periods, or time series.


In any organization the time series are changing on a daily basis due to errors, restatements, and restructuring. tshub helps you keep track of historical changes.


tshub allows individuals and teams to collaborate regardless of their technical proficiency. WebUI and Python clients let the data flow seamlessly across your teams.